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Mansoor Ali Khan

About me

Software Engineer by Passion & Profession. I chose Web as a passion to peruse and have gained enough knowledge to call me an EXPERT! I can help you Creating , Managing WordPress websites ( Create – Install – Upgrade ), Do Software Testing and Provide Top-Notch Technical Support.

Web Designer 50%
Software QA ( Manual ) 56%
Customer Care 70%
WordPress 85%

My Skills

Website Development

I provide WordPress website Solutions

ListingPro Expert

I have 2 years experience creating and customizing #ListingPro Website

Software Testing & QA

I can do Plugin testing, website Theme testing and provide QA reports. I have worked with Agile teams and know how to Setup and manage JIRA software

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Get creative solutions. Everyone is a potential creator.

Get creative solutions. Everyone is a potential creator.

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