Peace only for white??

Peace, humanity and equal right is the slogan we have been taught by the top countries or top establishment of the word, while there was community who was targeted for killing innocent people for a decade or so. But in real they were the most peaceful people. Now look at what those world top economies are doing, killing people based on color of skin?

Yes, I’m talking about #GeorgeFloyd  who was killed by US police officer while he was in custody. Where is the law and humanity here when one law enforcement agent kills another in front of 2 other police officers??  This not humanity this is racism & hatred for the color of the skin.

But I’m happy to see the response given by US public to this brutality and showed they yes humanity is what keep life going nd they cant stay silent.

Something that cherished my day

I never thought I would ever write something on my site. But here I am willing to share what I think about something. Curious what’s that???? Don’t worry just keep reading for a few more seconds…

It’s about zakat, 1 very strong pillar of Islam, that one obligation which one must follow so that the socio-economical stability is at balance. I always wanted to talk about this but I simply couldn’t but look at who talk about this?

NAS DAILY, a YouTuber, A Vlogger, a content creator who actually is not religious at all but look at that something came out of him which so positive that I could not stop my self from writing about it here.

I wish I was the one telling the world about this, but at least someone did.

Here is the video: I hope you will like it.