I never thought I would ever write something on my site. But here I am willing to share what I think about something. Curious what’s that???? Don’t worry just keep reading for a few more seconds…

It’s about zakat, 1 very strong pillar of Islam, that one obligation which one must follow so that the socio-economical stability is at balance. I always wanted to talk about this but I simply couldn’t but look at who talk about this?

NAS DAILY, a YouTuber, A Vlogger, a content creator who actually is not religious at all but look at that something came out of him which so positive that I could not stop my self from writing about it here.

I wish I was the one telling the world about this, but at least someone did.

Here is the video: I hope you will like it.




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Asma Hassan
10 months ago

Nice sharing

10 months ago

Konse web developer ho ???? Hamare kam to aj tak nai aye

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